Utility and Customized Cars

Utility Vehicles for Any Budget

Utility vehicles are one of the most versatile ways to conveniently travel short distances. We have the right utility vehicle for you, no matter what your budget is! We'll deliver up to 100 miles around Superior, WI.
We have over 100 golf cars in stock for you to choose from. Select options like electric or gas, new or used. Contact Midwest Golf Cars today!

Get Customized Golf Carts

These days, golf carts can be customized for performance, looks, and comfort to ensure that every possible amenity is accessible to you. Not only can you choose between options like two seats or four, but you can even discover utility vehicles which have been customized for unique and specialized applications.

Rent, Lease, or Buy

Regardless of why you need a high-quality utility vehicle, we have the right selection and the right price for you. Choose to rent for shorter events, lease for a season of golfing every weekend, or buy and enjoy owning your own utility vehicle for any occasion! Call us and discuss which option is best for you.