Convenient Golf Car Rentals

Whether you're in need of a rental for only one day, or a full week, Midwest Golf Cars can help you make the best choice for your specific needs. Choose a golf car to take camping, to ride with style at an event, or to get your family around at a reunion. Customize your rental so that it fits your unique needs perfectly.
We want to make sure your rental is exactly what you're looking for, so stop by and take a look at our impressive lineup of high-quality golf cart.

Choose From Our New or Used Vehicles

Select elect from a wide variety of new and used golf cart with pricing that can't be beat. Pay only $40 a day, if you rent one golf cart for three days or longer. A two day rental is perfect for a wedding weekend and will cost only $50 each day per car. If you're attending a tournament, conveniently rent a car for the day and we'll charge you just $40. 1-day rental of 2-seat car is $40 and 4-seat car is $55. Pick up and delivery is extra.

Count on Us to Provide You With Reliable Cars

Our on-site mechanics ensure that each and every golf car is reliable and safe by performing routine maintenance and comprehensive checks.
We deliver up to a 100 miles radius around Duluth, MN. Transportation fees vary at other distances
Visit us at 5 North 58th Street.