Seasonal Leasing

Enjoy With the Seasonal Lease Route

Want to experience the perks of riding around in your personal golf car all season long without actually having to own it? Choose a seasonal lease option and rely on our well-maintained, top-quality vehicles at Midwest Golf Cars.
We offer utility vehicles that can be customized for unique applications. Ask about adding build-outs to your car!

Get Excellent Golf Car Amenities

Choose a seasonal lease and enjoy the wide selection, variety of features, and low prices. We offer both two- and four-seat golf cars, which can be customized for your convenience. If owning isn't for you, that doesn't mean you should go without a car. Lease your golf car for the whole season and enjoy the ride.
We offer delivery of up to 100 miles with a minimal trip charge for anything over 20 miles. Call at 218-348-4438 to reserve the golf car you need at the right price. A 2-seat car for $600 and 4-seat car for $800.

Add to Your Fleet of Golf Cars

Looking to add to your fleet and stay within budget for the season? We offer seasonal leases at incredibly low rates. Pay only $500 and let your clients enjoy our top-quality used golf cars for the duration of the season. Go ahead and give us a call right away to reserve your golf cars and enjoy them all season long.