Enjoy With the Seasonal Lease Route

Want to experience the perks of riding around in your personal golf car all season long without actually having to own it? Choose a seasonal lease option and rely on our well-maintained, top-quality vehicles at Midwest Golf Cars.

We offer utility vehicles that can be customized for unique applications. Ask about adding build-outs to your car!
Golf Car

Get Excellent Golf Car Amenities

Choose a seasonal lease and enjoy the wide selection, variety of features, and low prices. We offer both two- and four-seat golf cars, which can be customized for your convenience. If owning isn't for you, that doesn't mean you should go without a car. Lease your golf car for the whole season and enjoy the ride.

We offer delivery of up to 100 miles with a minimal trip charge for anything over 20 miles. Call at 218-348-4438 to reserve the golf car you need at the right price. A 2-seat car for $550 and 4-seat car for $750.

Add to Your Fleet of Golf Cars

Looking to add to your fleet and stay within budget for the season? We offer seasonal leases at incredibly low rates. Pay only $500 and let your clients enjoy our top-quality used golf cars for the duration of the season. Go ahead and give us a call right away to reserve your golf cars and enjoy them all season long.
Visit us at
5 N 58th Street.

“I lease a cart every summer for $500 per season from Mark Carlson. We use it at our campground and have always been happy with this arrangement."

Jerry L. from Cloquet, MN

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